Three marketing trends to explore in 2019

Three marketing trends to explore in 2019

A brand must be present where its audience is, multiply the contact points and adapt its content strategy to the specificities of the different platforms to reach a prospect and lead him to conversion.

Here are the marketing trends that marketers should be looking at in 2019.

Chatbots are becoming more human

Automatic and instant answering machines available 24 hours a day, chatbots have revolutionized transactional exchanges between prospects and the brand.

There are many applications: chatbots allow you to place an order, make a reservation, benefit from immediate customer support, get information about a product or service before buying or even get advice.

However, with the constant evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and in particular the automatic processing of natural language, chatbots will have the ability to respond more accurately and appropriately to users by detecting language nuances.

More than an automatic answering machine, the chatbot then becomes a real conversation tool that allows brands to interact with their prospects and convert them while increasing efficiency.

The temporary for more freedom

Ephemeral content is a trend that is gaining momentum in 2019, with the rise of Instagram stories and the development of stories on Facebook and Whatsapp.

On Instagram, while a brand’s posts are often thought out and worked on to offer a coherent publication thread, stories give the possibility to be more spontaneous thanks to the temporary aspect (a story is only visible for a whole day) and the simplicity of graphic creations.

The format continues to improve with the integration of gifs, stickers, surveys, user posts, links to content outside the platform and even integrated e-commerce solutions.

Stories are a fast, efficient and economical way to offer a more authentic and frequent immersion in the world of a company, a format that it would be a shame to ignore.

Artificial intelligence that is more and more smart

While artificial intelligence could be considered too avant-garde, its marketing applications are now multiple and unavoidable.

The machine learning is particularly useful in developing automation and at the same time humanizing interactions, whether for the implementation of chatbots, for the use of programmatic advertising (which automates the purchase of advertising space, the distribution and optimization of campaigns) or for the development of personal assistants, voice or visual search results.

Improvements in terms of artificial intelligence will necessarily accelerate the use of chatbots or voice and visual research. Addressing it now will undoubtedly be a competitive advantage for a company.

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