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Establish Good Work Habits Today

Anyone that works can tell you it is easy to get distracted and to procrastinate. When you want to increase your work productivity, there are a few steps that you can take. Working harder and getting more done will lead to more success in your career.

Always Avoid Distractions


Being online is always a massive distraction !

You probably have access to a lot of things at work that keep you distracted. Perhaps your computer can be used to go check out your social media account or maybe there’s game on your phone you could play. There are so many ways to avoid work that it’s almost impossible to get much done. You have to tell yourself that you will only be able to do any activities that are not your job when it’s break time or after work. Turn off your phone, so you can’t hear it and make sure you stay off of any website that has nothing to do with your job.

Have Goals

A lot of people tend just to work because that’s what they’re supposed to do. That’s all fine and well, but you will feel a lot more compelled to do more if you set some goals for yourself. These shouldn’t just be big daily goals, either, because that can be overwhelming. Instead, make mini-achievements that you can reach such as doing so many tasks before your first break. If you don’t meet your goals you can rework them and once you can reach them, you can add a little more to what you do day by day.

Be Careful With Rewarding Yourself

After you get tasks done and are more productive at work, you can reward yourself on a somewhat regular basis. Did you do more this week than you did the previous week? Then maybe it’s time to take yourself out on your day off to a movie. Doing more work may lead to you being able to afford better rewards for yourself. However, don’t let these things get in the way of you being productive at work. For example, you may want to avoid treating yourself to a big bottle of wine, so you don’t show up the next day hungover.


There are plenty of people that use what you learned here to help them with their work productivity. By being smart about how you work, you become more likely to get raises and promotions. It also will give you more of a feeling of accomplishment when you realise just how much more you can get done.

How Stars Wars Merchandising Business Has Boomed

Star Wars is a creation of George Lucas. In 1977, Hollywood expected Star Wars to flop, but it ended up to being one of the financially successful films of all time. Since then, it started a franchise that cannot be killed.

George Lucas is the man behind the success of Star Wars. Lucas controlled the franchise until 2012 when he gave up control having made a lot of profit off it. Lucas was in charge of merchandising and licensing. His smart moves finally turned him into a very successful person in the entertainment industry. Here is the financial journey of Star Wars.

How it started



Back in 1977, Lucas negotiated with Fox to obtain the Star Wars merchandising and licensing rights. At that time, nobody predicted the deal would be worth billions. Before Star Wars, nobody says the value of movies partnering with toys. Since Star Wars introduction, it has been one the successful franchises in the entertainment business.

Disney takes control

In 2012, Disney took control of Star Wars and paid Lucas $4 billion for rights to the franchise. It is estimated that the franchise has earned not less than $37 billion over the last forty years.

This huge sum of money is from merchandising and licensing. Disney’s experience in merchandising and movie marketing has led to Star Wars success. Disney spent the $4 billion to have the intellectual property rights to produce more Star Wars films and to increase the amount of merchandise.

Disney came up with a 24-hour event it nicknamed Force Friday. During the event, more than 100 brand new Star Wars products were unveiled.
Disney licenses and sells its products. Disney is making a lot of money by selling old copies of Star Wars original movies on streaming or DVD. Its reproduction costs are minimal, and this is what brings in the high returns.

The best of new Star Wars Merchandise



There has been an even stream of content aimed at creating unparalleled hype around Star Wars launch. September last year, the merchandise was released and on October 19 saw the trailer made public. Nearly 300,000 social mentions were promoted globally. Later, Disney released an international trailer, an official TV spot, and movie posters. This brought Black Friday where sales boomed.

Disney’s success

In 2015, analysts predicted Star Wars (The Force Awakens) to generate $3 billion in sales and another $5 billion for 12 months. In the same year, 1.45m Discs of the Star Wars movies have been sold in the US, up from 0.63m the previous year. The biggest box office is the recent version of the franchise that has hit in the US. There has been a lot of downloads on the mobile front from fans.

The Battlefront video game sold over thirteen million units and broke the Star Wars history. Global retail sales of the merchandise exceeded $3 billion in the first quarter, which is more than triple of last year’s retail sales for the first quarter.

Some of the well-known Star Wars toys include First Order Star Destroyer, lightsabers, Millennium Falcon Quads and more. The Force Awaken, released in December 2015 is one of the biggest box office hits internationally. In fact, it was the very first movie to yield $900m in the US and $2 billion globally. Disney’s Frozen launched in 2013, earned $107.2 billion in its merchandise sale. Disney has started filming Star Wars Episode VIII to be released in December 2017.

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Investing in Stock Market The Right Way

Even though the stock market is a complex chain that gives and takes from people, you can be on the best end if you take time to understand the numbers. If you want to be the best, you will need to take your time to practice and expect medium and long-term results.

Get the know the System

follow the stock market rules and experience growth

The most important thing is to understand about the USA trading is knowing the various organizations. The largest stocks exchange in USA is the NASDAQ and another popular exchange is the New York Stock Exchange. Most of the general trading of stocks and bonds information is readily available on the official website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

It’s all about the lingo

a rich and successful traderHonestly, the trading world is full of terms that have particular meaning when it comes to the stocks exchange. This is the most important thing before you approach the markets in USA. Once you are familiar with these terms you need to understand that there is direct and indirect investing in the stock market. The next step would be identifying what you would like to trade since the market has more than one option.

Great examples are the typical stocks, exchange traded funds, bonds and American depository rights. In this case the exchange traded funds means stock derivatives that are mutual funds but traded like stocks and American depository rights are the marketable securities for companies that are foreign and not listed in the USA stock exchange markets.

What if you want to start?

Normally, beginners can trade in the pan-American stock exchange either directly or indirectly. However, either of the methods needs a stock broker. The process is as simple as placing an order for particular shares and the broker executes the order on the floor. If nobody else is selling that particular share then broker sells the shares from their accounts. Specialists are hired to make sure that the prices of the shares are stable. Alternatively, you could let other people do the trading and you only take the financial gains at a cost.

Currently, trading in the USA is easier since almost every step of the process is automated. Buying and selling of the stocks is compared electronically, which results to speedy and very efficient processes. Again, trading online means even a broker does not have to be on the floor to execute a trader’s request. A brokerage firm is given a portfolio in an exchange market, which acts as an account that is used to trade electronically.

Marketing and Choosing a Camping Tent

Camping is probably everyone’s seclusion, away from the bustle and hustle of their busy daily life. Camping isn’t limited to particular age group; it could be among friends, families, kids, and lovebirds. For some, camping is a way of experiencing the world’s nature at its finest. To prepare yourself for camping, whether it’s for a few days or weeks, you must be properly equipped. One of the must-have equipment is the camping tent. Here are some of the questions that manufacturers are commonly asked concerning selecting the best camping tent:

What’s the most appropriate size of a camping tent?

The weight and size of the camping tent don’t matter, as long as you can carry it to your truck to the camping area. Camping Tent capacity is based on the number of people who can comfortably use the tent. The best rule is always to buy a camping tent which holds a capacity of two people exceeding the number that will be using the tent. It’ll create more space for storage. In case it’s a family camping; the multi-room tents are the better choice.

Which camping tents are best for what seasons?

Camping tents are classified using three ratings: four season tent, three season tent, and all season tent. The three season camping tent is best for summer, spring, and fall. They can endure moderate weather including light snow, the wind, and rain. The tents also have a clear panel for aeration. The four season tent is idyllic for extreme weather like heavy snow and high winds. They are made of thicker and durable fabric which makes them heavier.

What kind of camper are you?

Choosing the best camping tent highly depends on what kind of a camper you are, where you’ll be camping, and what you’ll be using the tent for. Tent manufacturers are on the lookout to enhance the camping tents to fit the different landscapes and climate

Why tent design matters?

get a comfortable shelterCamping tents are produced in various shapes, designs, and colours. When buying a camping tent, chose a canvas that is comfortable for everyone to use. Here are some considerations:

Heights of the tent- purchase a camping tent with adequate height clearance for the tallest person in the camp.

Weather- when camping in a consistently windy place, consider a dome style of a tent as it’s specifically designed to shield constant and high winds.

Humidity- camping in high humidity zones can attract amazing insects to your camping experience. You may consider buying a tent with many screened vents and a screened eating canopy.

Why are frame-structured tents better than the conventional ones?
In the event of harsh weather conditions like heavy rains or wind, framed structures are more stable than the traditional ones. Most of these firm structures are made of aluminium frames and fabrics between the frames. The frames offer durability against wind or rain while the material makes the tent appear attractive. To allow natural light into the camping tents, windows can be fitted on the tents.

The bottom line

If you love camping, choosing the right camping tent is significant. Choose a tent that will keep you comfortable, dry, and warm as this will make you daytime’s exploration more enjoyable.

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Information on the project manager role

There are now many different jobs that will provide a valuable amount of experience for an individual that wants to develop in the world and gain new skills manager is one of the best ways in which to learn a vast number of competencies was growing in the world of business.
There are many different industries that require leadership skills on a high level, and these are in demand.
You can, therefore, be safe in the knowledge that there will be many jobs available that require a project manager and in this article, we will outline some of the things to consider if you wish to be a project manager yourself.

interview process made easierThe great thing about the project manager role is that it is needed in many different industries that are based around the world, and this means that you will be able to travel to different destinations if you so wish.
A project manager role is often needed in the construction industry to oversee projects through to their completion. The telecommunications industry is also highly in demand for project managers, and there are also many other industries which need similar roles such as that of the engineering industry and that of the risk assessment industry.

The most important factor when taking on this role is via the ability to be able to take control of a project efficiently. You will be focused on the key roles and tasks and will need to see them over effectively. This means that you will need to have the ability to take on a project from start to finish and will need to make sure that you play a key role when it comes to the management of a project.

One of the key roles of a project manager is to have the ability to oversee a project all the way from the initial stages of planning, until the end of the project when it is executed and delivered. You will, therefore, need to stay focused at every point throughout the project and will need to make sure you can see that the end is in sight.

The Internet is now a brilliant way in which to search for jobs, and some of the best jobs are now available on websites. Searching for project management jobs is now possible and most useful when you find it via the Internet, and you will find many jobs around the world that offer project manager roles. The Internet is also a great learning resource and can be used effectively to find out information and ways in which to develop into the role of a project manager.

Find out more information on the Internet about ways in which to learn the skills that are needed for a role in project management. You will also be able to find a broad range of resources including training courses that are available for those that want to manage projects. If you want to see more information about the jobs that are available, look online and search for the latest project management jobs to find a broad range of options across the world.

Project Management 101 for Newbies


A project is a planned set of interrelated tasks executed over a fixed period and with cost and other limitations. It is a transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve intended objectives, defined regarding outputs, outcomes, or benefits.

It is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. Learning the fundamentals of project management is a valuable asset every company should have.


A project is a temporary activity. This means that a project is planned for a set period. This period could be weeks, months, or even years. Building a business website could take mere weeks, but building a country’s defence force submarine capability could take twenty years or more.

A project has a specific objective. It is typically a unique goal, and could mean constructing a building, adding an e-commerce website to an existing bricks-and-mortar retail store, building a city freeway to reduce traffic congestion, or developing a disaster relief programme.

Funding is usually defined at the project planning stage. The project may evolve around this financing and the quality or quantity of the finished product could reflect on the amount available.

The project could be out-sourced, involve a group of people with specific skills unrelated to the entity requiring the product, or sub-contracting companies to provide specific resources like software or product development.

Control could involve key targets of time or funding points that can define progress.

A project is a complex system with critical interdependencies. It requires effective planning, management and leadership


a good management of your business project is crucialProject management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the project requirements.
These processes fall into five groups:

• Initiating
• Planning
• Executing
• Monitoring and Controlling
• Closing

Project Management Knowledge

Knowledge draws on ten areas:

• Integration
• Cost
• Human Resources
• Stakeholder Management
• Scope
• Quality
• Communications
• Time
• Procurement
• Risk management

Business management is also concerned with these, but project management brings a unique focus shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project.


Project management as a profession is recognised by the rapid, worldwide growth of project management as a recognised and strategic organisational discipline, a subject for training and education and has many opportunities for a career.

Different methodologies have developed since this discipline began to be recognised in the mid 20th-century.

Types of Project Management Techniques
• Traditional
• Critical chain project management
• Process-based management
• Agile project management
• Lean project management
• Extreme project management
• Benefits realisation management


It has become common for businesses to define and separate changes to their way of operation from their normal business operations. Upgrading equipment, software, advertising campaigns, can be defined as a project, with time and cost constraints which can be measured and analysed.

Big government business like Infrastructure represents their core function regarding projects. This allows them to be more accountable for funding, operations, and measurable effectiveness because they are contained within their parameters, scope and outcomes.

Cost benefits can be measured with before and after analyses, and planning such as a disaster relief plan can be measured by their implementation efficiency.

Project management is now integral to the way of doing business, whether you are a mom-and-pop store, or a defence force building submarines.

It is merely a matter of scale.

The latest in Google AMP update

The worldwide web is quickly evolving, and companies like Google are always trying out new ways to promote fast rendering and performance of website pages across devices. Today, the search engine has an open source platform which is built on AMP HTML to help webmasters create light pages that load with incredible speeds on mobile.

So, why does Google AMP matter?

It matters because there are at least 40% of all website visitors who will not wait more than 3 seconds for your site to load. 40% is too large a percentage to ignore. What is more, if visitors keep abandoning your site on mobile because it’s painstakingly slow to load, then no one is going to see your ads or brand message, thanks to the dropping page counts.

Still speaking of page views, Google AMP is ensuring that AMP traffic can be quantified and analyzed the same way visitors browsing regular pages are recorded. In fact, AMP has an inbuilt native support for GA, although webmasters will still be able to use partner platforms like Adobe Analytics, ComScore, and Chartbeat to analyze user stats.

Google AMP guidelines and basics

This is a stripped down version of a web page to suit mobile browsing. This means some HTML elements have to be modified or removed to speed up how other elements are rendered across mobile devices.

Take note of these interesting requirements as highlighted in the recent update

– CSS elements must be in-line
– Images and other external resources should state their HTML size
– Javascript elements must stay out of critical paths
– All Javascript must be AMP supported, no user-generated ones
– All scripts must be asynchronous
– All style elements must be limited to a size of 50KB

Also, it’s important to note that AMP pages cannot be viewed on desktop devices since they are created solely for mobile device usage.

AMP in production

Right now there are some large organizations and news outlets using AMP pages to enhance their mobile experience to increase their page count.

These include the New York Post, Entrepreneur, Washington Post, The Verge, Next Web and so on. Browse any of these sites and you will realize that a typical 5MB desktop page with over 200 requests is stripped down to 380KB with only seven applications on mobile view. You can see that this is quite a humongous difference. The pages should therefore not have trouble loading with lightening speed on mobile devices.

Finally, in as much as Google AMP has multiple advantages, it has drawbacks as well. For instance, if you’re not a developer, trying to implement it will only add layers of complexities to your work. It should make sense spending that time optimizing your current mobile responsive template instead.

Use GTMetrix free speed tool to find where you can improve overall website speed!

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Using some form of marketing is a necessity to attract customers and traffic to your business. Increasingly, companies are using fewer traditional marketing methods and utilizing more technology-based strategies, such as online marketing, as part of their marketing plan. Here are some of the benefits of using social media marketing.

Reach a Wider Market

Traditional marketing methods often limit your reach to your local geographical area. Using social media as part of your campaign allows you to reach many more people. This is particularly useful if you are trying to expand your business and gain a global reach. Distance is not an issue and people from all over the world can see your advertisements if you so wish.

Collate and Analyze Marketing Data

office computer browsing social networksIt can be difficult to assess how successful different elements of your marketing efforts have been when you use methods such as newspaper advertisements or flyers. When you use social media, you can collect data that will tell you how many people have viewed your website from social media leads and how many of these leads have converted into sales. The data allows you to analyze what is working and what is not and this will help you to make sure future marketing campaigns are effective.

Increase Sales and Profits

The main aims of marketing are first to increase your sales and secondly to increase your profits. As more people have access to your advertisements and become aware of your products or services, the greater your chances are of improving both your sales figures and your profits.

Focus on Target Market

One of the drawbacks of traditional marketing is that you do not necessarily focus on your target market. You simply print advertisements in the hope that a small percentage of people that see them will be interested in your products or services. When you use social media marketing, you can target the demographic who are most likely to be interested in what you are selling. This could be because of their age, their gender, their geographic location or their personal interests based on their search history.

These are just some of the advantages that a company can benefit from if they choose to utilize social media in their online marketing campaign. Each business is different, but using this method of marketing is likely to have a positive impact on the success of a business.

Make sure you watch this important video if you are starting!

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